Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Jenni's Guide to Attending a Royal Ballet Performance - Part 2

If you plan to attend a performance at the Royal Opera House for the first time, here is some practical advice:

1. There is no dress code. The way people dress is quite mixed, from jeans to suits and pretty dresses. However, people rarely dress in black tie and ball gowns. You can't go wrong with smart casual.

2. Arrive at least half an hour before the performance begins. This will give you plenty of time to check your coats, pre-order drinks for the interval, etc.

3. Check your coat/umbrella/extra bags at the cloak room! It's free and you'll be much more comfortable in your seat.

The Paul Hamlyn Bar
4. Pre-order drinks for the interval! There are two bars: the Paul Hamlyn bar on the first floor and the Amphitheatre bar on the top floor. You will be able to pick your drinks up from a pre-assigned location (the salesperson at the bar will explain where) and avoid waiting in line to buy drinks during the interval. (Also, if you want to guarantee yourself a table to sit at during the interval, pre-order sandwiches/cakes - but you may, of course, prefer to stand or walk around).

5. Programmes cost £6 and can be bought from in the main entrance foyer, the Paul Hamlyn Hall and the Amphitheatre lobby. Cast sheets are free.

6. Check out the view of Covent Garden Market from the roof terrace! The roof terrace can be accessed on most evenings from the amphitheatre bar on the top floor. From the terrace you can also peek into the windows of the costume workshops!

7. Don't miss the exhibition! In the foyer and along corridors are exhibited costumes and photos from past productions well worth checking out.

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