Thursday, 20 March 2014

Five Reasons to Attend a ROH Live Cinema Screening

While nothing beats being there, here are a few reasons why ROH's live cinema screenings are worthwhile:

1. You have the best view (at the price of a cinema ticket). Even with the best seats in the house, you will never get to see the dancers this close up. It's very emotional.

2. You get to sit in comfortable seats and eat popcorn.

3. The backstage camera lets you see the dancers getting ready just before the curtain goes up. 

4. During the interval, you can watch insight clips which include interviews with the cast and the making of videos.

5. With the help of Twitter you can connect with people all around the world sharing the same experience. 

Find the next ROH live screening near you here!

Also note that it's not just the Royal Opera House that does live screenings. Amongst others, the National Theatre and the New York Metropolitan Opera do live screenings too. Check your local cinema for information! 

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